A realistic looking illustration of a rocket bursting through grey-white clouds, leaving behind a plume of thick smoke over the starry night sky.
What is an Explainer Video?
Explainer videos are concise and engaging videos that use animation to communicate complex information in a simple and entertaining way. If a picture says a thousand words, then an explainer video is an entire library—it offers viewers a comprehensive understanding of your product or service, in a short period of time, by leveraging the power of moving pictures.
Standing Out From the Crowd
Animated explainer videos provide the perfect canvas for showcasing your brand's creativity and personality. From the art style and animation techniques, to the choice of colours, music, and voice-overs—every element can be carefully crafted to reflect your brand's unique identity. By infusing your video with a distinctive style, humour, or a touch of quirkiness, you can leave a lasting impression on viewers, making your brand memorable and setting it apart from the competition. A well-executed and creatively designed animated explainer video can become a powerful brand ambassador that resonates with your target audience long after the video ends.
Emotional Storytelling
People are hardwired to respond to stories that evoke emotions, and animated explainer videos use this innate connection to engage viewers on a deeper level. By artfully weaving together a story that resonates with your target audience's aspirations, challenges, and desires, you can create an emotional bond that compels them to take action. Whether by evoking empathy, excitement, or a sense of empowerment, explainer videos have the power to stir emotions and drive viewers to invest in your product.
Simplifying Complex Ideas
Some products or services inherently involve complex concepts or processes that may be challenging for your audience to comprehend. Explainer videos shine in simplifying complexity. By breaking down complex ideas into relatable and visually stimulating scenes, you can demystify your product's functionality and showcase its benefits in a way that anyone can understand. The combination of visuals, narration, and on-screen text helps reinforce key messages, ensuring that viewers grasp the value of your product effortlessly.
Establishing Trust and Credibility
Explainer videos play a significant role in establishing trust by showcasing your expertise and providing a transparent understanding of your product. By addressing pain points, highlighting unique features, and offering solutions, these videos demonstrate your product's value proposition and position your brand as a trusted authority. A well-designed explainer video builds credibility, assuring potential customers that your product is the right solution for their needs. The ability to visually demonstrate how your product solves their problems instills confidence and fosters trust, making viewers more inclined to make a purchase.
In the fast-paced era of limited attention spans, it's crucial to deliver your message in a format that's easily accessible. Explainer videos are perfectly suited for this purpose, as video has become the go-to choice for information consumption. Also, including portrait formats of your video campaign for Instagram and TikTok can greatly enhance your video marketing strategy. These platforms have become immensely popular, particularly among younger demographics, and they thrive on vertical video content. By optimizing your explainer videos for Instagram and TikTok, you tap into the power of these visually-driven platforms, effectively promoting your product and driving conversions. With the vast majority of internet users accessing the internet on their mobile devices, ensuring your videos are widely accessible expands your potential audience and increases the likelihood of reaching prospective customers.
Analyzing and Optimizing Performance
Another advantage of using explainer videos in your marketing strategy is the ability to track their performance and optimize accordingly. With analytics tools and platforms, you can gather data on metrics such as view count, view duration, audience retention, re-watches, engagement, traffic sources, and click-through rates. This valuable information helps you assess the effectiveness of your videos and make data-driven decisions to improve their impact. By monitoring viewer behavior and feedback, you can identify areas for improvement and refine your videos to maximize their sales potential.
Ready to bring your ideas to life with an impactful explainer video? Hatched can help make that happen. Contact us today and let's chat.

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